The Only Way to Avoid Error is to Detect it – The Only Way to Detect it is to be Free to Question !
Muslims are Not Allowed to Question The Quran

I accepted Islam and practised it for nearly 6 years. I truly believed that Islam was the truth.
I would have done anything if I thought that Allah wanted me to do it.
Although I never researched Islam or looked into its history and the life of prophet Muhammad I had always had a problem with the Eternal Punishment of Hell.
This was because not all my Family members were Muslims and believed in Islam.
I just could not accept that my non Muslim family members would be made to suffer like that.
This fact troubled me constantly but I always pushed it to the back of my mind thinking that maybe one day my non Muslim family members would find the truth and accept Islam.
I carried on living a strict Muslim life until one day I came across a video on You Tube by Abdullah Sameer titled: The Eternal Punishment of Hell.
This video made complete sense to me and put doubt in my belief that Islam was the truth.

From that moment on I looked into the history of Islam and prophet Muhammad’s life and came across just too many Red Flags and anomalies that made no sense whatsoever.

I also found it very strange that most Muslims know very little about the religion that they follow and profess to be the truth. They appear to believe whatever their Imams, Scholars, Sheiks and Muftis, etc, tell them without looking into it to see if it is actually true.

Someone once said that living as a Muslim was like living under constant threat. They compared it to living in an abusive relationship where you are frightened and scared of someone you are supposed to love.

I created this website where I can keep a note of all the things that I think do not make sense about Islam.